Opening Minds, Bridging Differences, 犹太人的生活价值观.


的 8th grade trip to 以色列 explores several themes in order to help students form concrete, 个人, and meaningful connections to the land and state of 以色列. We experience 以色列's natural environment from the challenges of the wilderness to the lushness of the north. We encounter our 历史 as a 人 in 以色列 from biblical to contemporary times through all its rich and varied manifestations. And we interact with a modern and vibrant State of 以色列 full of diverse 人 who contribute to a complex society, celebrating her many awesome accomplishments and reflecting upon the significant challenges she faces.

的 study of 以色列 is a theme woven throughout the 中学 curriculum, both in Judaic and General Studies. 的语言, 文化, 历史, 地理位置, 假期, 个性, and current events of 以色列 permeate the daily life of the school. 的 Ivrit and Humanities curricula serve as central vehicles for teaching about the land, 人, and establishment of the State of 以色列.

Ivrit program draws on materials that reflect the modern state of 以色列 during its early formative years up to today. 通过小说, 诗, 短篇小说, newspaper accounts and song lyrics, students are exposed to many views of 以色列 past and present.

An inter-disciplinary Zionist 历史 unit in the 8th grade traces the historical connection to and yearning for the land in the and from Rabbinic sources through the founding of the State in 1948. Students study many aspects of the latter half of the 19th century, including the impact of the Haskalah (启示), 反犹太主义的兴起, assimilation and the solutions generated for the future survival of the Jewish People. 宗教, 政治, 文化, and labor Zionism are studied, and we examine who came to 以色列 during each 读经文 (wave of immigration) and why, how they interacted with the indigenous Arab population, their 文化 legacies and how they contributed to the establishment of 以色列. We learn about 以色列's founding principles, 她打过的战争, her challenges and opportunities in seeking to reconcile with neighboring populations and countries, her ongoing evolution as an ethnically and religiously diverse country, and her incredible innovativeness and resourcefulness throughout time.